At Blue Force e-Rides we support all our Military and First Responders that dedicate themselves to being on the front line and helping others. To show our appreciation we would like to offer a 10% discount on either one of our popular scooters listed below. This discount applies too:

  • Law Enforcement & Dispatchers
  • Corrections
  • Fire Department
  • Paramedics and EMT's
  • Active Military


To redeem a First Responder discount, please email a copy of your professional ID (medical badge, law enforcement badge, professional license, military ID) to We will than review your documents and provide you a discount code. Code is limited to one use per customer.

Upon verification, submitted documentation will be immediately deleted.


*Must be a current Firefighter, Police, EMT/Paramedic, 911 Dispatcher, Corrections or military personnel (as defined by U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics). First Responders employed by federal, state or municipal governments may be subject to restrictions that limit their ability to accept this offer. Accordingly, this offer is void unless permitted by applicable federal, state and municipal laws, regulations, rules, ordinances, policies, codes of conduct, and other directives or standards regarding ethics and gift acceptance by the applicable federal, state or municipal employees. By accepting this offer, you verify that doing so complies with all laws, regulations, policies or other restrictions regarding ethics or gift acceptance that apply to you.


Please choose from either one of the below listed scooters. 10% discount code can be applied at checkout.



MiniWalker Tiger Pro 10   

MiniWalker Tiger 10 Pro 

60v 24AH, 2400 Watt, 10" Tires 


CO Winner Q06

60v 27AH, 5600 Watt, 11" Tires